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Stroll through the City of Light in the 18th-century and explore the finest Parisian boutiques of the period. Discover more than 400 French artefacts from the Stewart Museum collection that reflect the commercial practices, quality of merchandise and scientific instruments of that period.
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Lecture series

The Stewart Museum offers a series of activities developed in partnership with The Research Group on the History of Sociabilities (GRHS) in conjunction with the exhibition Paris on Display: 18th-Century BoutiquesConferences and workshops will allow participants to explore the many facets of social and cultural life in the 18th century.  For more information >>>

Spring break at the Museum

From March 2 to 10
, the Museum will offer a special spring break program at the Museum. Admission to the Museum is only $10 for the whole family.
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Escape game

Take part in Prisoners of Camp S/43, an escape game at the Fort of St. Helen’s Island. Try to escape from internment Camp S/43 on St. Helen’s Island!
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