Edward Vaughan (1746-1825), miniature painter, miniature on ivory, origin England, circa 1785 .
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The Stewart Museum

In 1955, David Macdonald Stewart founded a new museum in Montreal: the Stewart Museum. This exhibition venue, unique among Montreal museums and an important symbol in the history of Montreal, is situated in a stunning natural setting in the heart of the city. A jewel in the crown of Montreal’s cultural heritage and a prestigious Canadian museum, the Stewart Museum celebrates the influence of European civilization on the history of New France and North America.

Located for more than 50 years on St. Helen's Island, the Museum is now housed in the Arsenal of the British military depot on the island. The newly renovated facilities and completely revamped exhibition come together in a new museum space that features a four-storey steel and glass tower and a lookout that affords visitors a view of the entire military depot and a panorama of Montreal. 

"Canada has inherited two of Western Europe’s great traditional civilizations. It is incumbent on us to proudly develop them further."

David Macdonald Stewart
Founder, Stewart Museum, August 1955