Mediation activities

Weekends of December and everyday between December 24 and January 6
Included in the admission fee.

11 a.m.: Participative talk in the exhibition Paris on display
Every day, you are invited to an exploratory activity in the exhibition Paris on Display: 18th-Century Boutiques. Accompanied by a Museum guide, discover otherwise fabulous creations of master craftsmen of the 18th.

2 p.m.: Participative talk in the exhibition History and Memory
A Museum guide animates short thematic capsules for you to discover one of the key periods in our history. For each capsule, an area of the permanent exhibition History and Memory is explored in depth, through a selection of exceptional artefacts or archives, which will revive realities of the past.

All activities are included in the entrance fees. The schedule may be modified or activities may be canceled without notice.

Escape game

Take part in Prisoners of Camp S/43, an escape game at the Fort of St. Helen’s Island. Try to escape from internment Camp S/43 on St. Helen’s Island! To escape, you’ll have to look for clues, bribe the camp guards, and find keys and a map of the tunnel. May the best team win! 
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Fête des neiges de Montréal

Sundays From January 19 to February 10

Every weekend during the Fête des neiges de Montréal, you’ll have a chance to explore the various sights of St. Helen’s Island on snowshoes. Accompanied by a Stewart Museum guide, you’ll see the remains of military buildings on the island and climb Mont-Boullé to the imposing Tour de Lévis for a breathtaking view of the river and Montreal. Each day of the tour, you’ll also learn more about the history of snowshoeing.

Target audience:
Adults and children (7 years of age and over)
Tour schedule: 11 a.m., 1 p.m., 2:30 p.m. (three departures)
Length of the historical tour: 45 minutes
Rates: Free of charge (registration on site)
Limit on the number of participants per group: 15 adults and 15 children
Equipment: Snowshoes* will be loaned free of charge to participants for the tour.

* If weather conditions do not allow the use of snowshoes, the tour will be done on foot.


The Stewart Museum offers a series of activities developed in partnership with The Research Group on the History of Sociabilities (GRHS) in conjunction with the exhibition Paris on Display: 18th-Century BoutiquesConferences and workshops will allow participants to explore the many facets of social and cultural life in the 18th century.

These activities are offered free of charge, with the exception of In the Kitchen of the Enlightment (Dans la cuisine des Lumières), a French-language conference-workshop being held on February 17, 2019.