Boutique and Coffee corner


Within the Museum Boutique, discover an array of promotional products and gifts ideas. Through a wide selection of ornamental objects, stationery articles and books, you will find out more about the exhibitions and leave with a mark of your stay within the Museum.

Bring back a memory of the Paris on Display: 18th-Century boutiques exhibition and learn more about Paris and the famous individuals who lived there through a selection of books. You will also be able to get the official guidebook of the exhibition in order to look back on the experience lived within Paris in the 18th  century.

Coffee corner

To follow up your visit in the Stewart Museum, take a break at the Coffee corner to enjoy the wide variety of sweet and salty snacks. This user-friendly space with a few seats will allow you to taste the selection of cool and hot drinks (such as coffee and tea).


The Stewart Museum invites its visitors to bring a snack or a cold meal. Please note that there is no microwave on the spot.