History and Memory

Spanning more than five centuries, History and Memory features themes that range from navigation and maritime trade to day-to-day life in New France. This tour offers various points of view on objects that bear witness to Indigenous, French, British and American history, a journey into the collective memory of Quebec.

Duration :  60 minutes

History Factory

How do we build history? What problems have been solved by objects of the past, that survive to tell the story today? The History Factory is a participatory educational space that invites the public to take on challenges using a historical approach and their creative faculties.

Starting 26 september

Duration : 60 minutes 

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A tour that lets you approach history differently, through the worlds of four authors and the stories they imagined around historical objects related to the night. A deep dive into nocturnal imagination, with stories that won’t put you to sleep!


Duration: 60 minutes
Starting 26 september

The Phantoms of the Island

Strange manifestations are troubling the tranquility of the Stewart Museum. Are spirits behind this mysterious phenomenon? Visitors are tasked with re-establishing order. It will take team work and curiosity to solve the riddles and challenges of this collaborative game inspired by escape rooms.

Duration : 60 minutes
Starting October 31

St. Helen’s Island in Snowshoes

Getting around in the snow is quite the challenge! A tour of the snowy trails on St. Helen’s Island, where participants will discover snowshoeing the way that Indigenous people taught it to the pioneers of New France, and its evolution from the 16th century to today.

Duration: 120 minutes
From December to September