Upcoming Exhibition

Partial View of the Louvre taken from the Pont Royal (detail), engraving, France, 18th century © Stewart Museum

From April 25, 2018 to March 24, 2019

This Spring, take a unique journey to the prestigious capital of France to explore the finest Parisian boutiques of the 18th century. Discover  nearly 400 French artefacts from the Stewart Museum collection, one of the most important of its kind in Quebec, that reflect the commercial practices, quality of merchandise and scientific instruments of that period. With the help of a guidebook, stroll in three main districts of the period: La Cité, La Ville, and L’Université.

At the end of your visit, immerse yourself in the heart of historic Paris with a creative virtual reality experience.

Nothing in the world is more worthy of seeing and knowing than the rare beauties of Paris. - 
Translation of quotation from Georges Louis Le Rouge, Les Curiositez de Paris, 1742.


Credit (left to right) :

Gilt bronze porcelain toilette Jar from Chantilly France, 18th century © Stewart Museum
La Jardinière au tablier, porcelaine de France, 1755 © Stewart Museum
Cartel (Clock), François Le Doux, France, 18th century © Stewart Museum